Antarctica is the only uninhabited continent; with no permanent settlements, although there are several scientific research stations. With a population of only 70 people per million square kilometres in winter, this is definitely the place to go to get away from crowds. However, you will find plenty of penguins, seabirds and marine life, stunning glaciers, dramatic cliffs and enormous icebergs.

The quickest way to experience the coldest and driest part of Earth is to book a day trip from Cape Town, South Africa. Private jets take you for a picnic lunch on the edge of the continent before returning to Africa for dinner. Tickets are around £11,500 per person though, so not exactly a cheap day out!

A more budget friendly way to see this stunning wilderness is to travel to Ushuaia and visit a local travel agent to book a last minute place on a cruise ship leaving for Antarctica and the surrounding islands. Smaller cruises are more likely to make frequent landings (the Antarctic Treaty only allows a limited number of landings which big ships find it hard to comply with) and more adventurous activities, such as ice-water swimming and day hikes around abandoned whaling stations.

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