Travel inspiration website Inspire Flyer, with its flight search tool ‘Direct Flyer’ has been selected as a finalist in a competition held by travel search giant Skyscanner.

In summer 2016, Skyscanner launched a competition to challenge the developer and start up community to build a travel related website/app using their powerful API data. Participants had four months to build the next big thing in travel. The challenge was taken and Inspire Flyer was born. This led to being named one of the four finalists – chosen by the staff at Skyscanner from over 350 entries to the competition.

Travel inspiration

When you know where you want to go on holiday/vacation, its fairly easily. Enter your airports, dates, search, book. But when you are struggling where to go, it can be hard to narrow it down and pick somewhere. Inspire Flyer uses the power of Skyscanner’s data with its ‘Direct Flyer’ tool.

Direct Flyer Tool

Direct Flyer was built to:

  • Focus on using your home airport and flying direct. Saving time, possibly money, and maybe find a new destination you may not have considered previously.
  • Show the price advantage of being flexible. If you can adjust your dates even slightly, you could save money. We can show you the cheapest time to travel.
  • Show you the types of attractions available and the top places of interest with ratings using data from FourSquare. Choose somewhere that interests you.

Direct Flyer currently shows flight prices in UK pounds, but we will be adding support for other currencies shortly.

Our extensive Flight Search supports many different currencies, you can still find cheap flights (direct and non direct) to destinations worldwide using this.

To be highlighted as a finalist by Skyscanner, a well respected, trusted global travel search company is fantastic. They really liked our Direct Flyer tool focusing on travel inspiration to help users find their next destination. They also could see the plans we have to grow Inspire Flyer further.

New Features

We have recently launched our Travel Features section, where we’ll share travel articles recommending places to visit, city guides, highlight cool events, festivals and supply tips and advice.

Stay tuned for more soon…