What is Inspire Flyer?

Inspire Flyer is a travel website focusing on travel inspiration. We help people like you by providing more information on destinations helping you find a break/holiday/vacation destination that works for you and others in your travelling group.

We share travel features, guides and recommendations and also provide flight search tools like ‘Direct Flyer’ to help you find the cheapest time to travel, along with recommendations on what you can do there.

Who are the team behind Inspire Flyer?

Inspire Flyer was created by Terry O’Brien, Web Consultant at Red Spark Digital Ltd, a UK based Web Consultancy. Terry is the Lead Developer of Inspire Flyer. Jenny Claxton, Head of Content – manages our Travel Features section.

Terry and Jenny are well travelled and have a desire to share experiences, work with other travellers to bring useful travel information to our users. We want people go and explore the world, try somewhere new – to inspire.

We also work with our trusted partners Skyscanner and Foursquare to provide relevant content.

Skyscanner are a trusted global travel search company – they recently selected Inspire Flyer as a Finalist in their ‘Build With Skyscanner’ competition. We are pleased and proud to have been highlighted in this way and we continue to work together to help you find the cheapest flights available.

FourSquare is a search and discovery service where users rate, review and provide tips on venues they visit. We have access to this valuable data meaning we can show top attraction information for each destination. This helps provide you with more information, perhaps discovering new destinations you would never have considered previously.

Can I contribute?

If you are a travel expert, blogger or photographer and would be happy to contribute to Inspire Flyer, get in touch.

How can I contact Inspire Flyer?

We are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

You can also contact us via the contact form. Say hello and interact with us! Let us know how we can improve Inspire Flyer for you.

What travel topics do you cover?

We aim to cover a wide range of travel topics and hope to inspire you and assist you in your travel choices. If there is anything you’d like us to cover, let us know.

If you’ve been somewhere amazing and want to share, get in touch to talk about writing a guest post.

Daily Travel Inspiration

Our prime objective here at Inspire Flyer is to encourage and inspire our visitors to go out and explore the world. One way we want to do this is by sharing a destination with you everyday. It’s bitesize and we share this in a variety of ways:

Our Alexa Flash Briefing – Daily Travel Inspiration
Open your Alexa app and search for ‘Daily Travel Inspiration’ – currently available in US, Canada, UK and Australia markets. Alexa will read you a 1-2 minute piece of travel inspiration as part of the flash briefing.

Social Media
We’ll share highlights of that day’s chosen destination on our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Here on the website
We’ll share the same piece Alexa reads but with additional information such as weather, maps, flight options, and recommended things to do.

Direct Flyer

Direct Flyer is our key flight search tool. It focuses on finding direct/non-stop flights to anywhere possible from your home airport.

You enter your home airport, rough departure and return dates (by month) and we’ll tell you just where you can go direct/non-stop from that airport.

Why only direct flights?
We are aware people are short on time and we want to maximise the time you actually have on holiday/vacation. Less time transferring, travelling, waiting in airport lounges means more time enjoying yourself at your destination!

We want to inspire and share the destinations easily accessible from your airport – you might just find you are surprised with just how many options there can be.

Cheapest Flight Prices
Our partner, Skyscanner checks flight prices with airlines and other travel companies to find the cheapest available prices.

We share these price and help you find them – We only ask you for a indication of when you want to travel, this opens up the flexibility of sharing cheap routes if you can be flexible on your dates.

Places of interest at your destination
Get the most out of your break and find out what you could be doing if you visit. Before you decide on a destination, we provide top attraction/place of interest information provided by FourSquare.

Not everyone lives near a ‘hub’ airport where you could pretty much fly anywhere. Obviously if you want to go to a particular destination that is only accessible by changing at another airport, you could use our flight search tool instead.

How do I book flights?

Inspire Flyer is here to inspire you and to find somewhere new to try for your break/holiday/vacation. Once you have found a suitable destination and happy to proceed, we pass you on to our trusted partner Skyscanner to finalise booking information. Then you are passed to the airline or travel company site selling the flight tickets to complete your transaction securely. Inspire Flyer does not deal any of the transaction process, we simply want to help you find your next destination, inform you of what you can do there and point you to where you can complete the booking. Job done, time to get packing.

Direct Flyer

I already know when and where I want to travel

We also have a full flight search tool so if you know your destination and exact dates you want to travel, go and give it a try – We’ll still find the cheapest prices around as its powered by our trusted partners Skyscanner.

Flight Search

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