Hong Kong skyline from mountains

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

As an autonomous province of China, Hong Kong has a distinctive feel from mainland China. Its history as a major trading port has given Hong Kong a diverse population and a unique atmosphere that represents the melting pot of different […]

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Manama, Bahrain

Bahrain’s capital, Manama, seems like a typical Gulf city with its trading history and modern oil riches, but Manama has a different feel. Bahrain has embraced migrants over the years and as such has a diverse and mixed culture with […]

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the nearest town to the incredible temples at Angkor Wat. The temple was built around 900 years ago and is the largest religious complex in the world with numerous shrines and smaller temples surrounding the main structure. […]

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Busan, South Korea

South Korea’s second city, Busan, has enough attractions to keep even the most jaded traveler interested. Surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea on the other, there’s views and beaches aplenty. Inside the city, you’ll find amazing cafes, […]

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Hangzhou, China

Although unfamiliar to many Western travellers, Hangzhou in China is one of the oldest and most prosperous cities in China. Located on the eastern coast of the country it’s long been a major trading centre and has used the wealth […]

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Fort Santiago, Manila

Manila, Philippines

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and often overlooked as a destination. It’s well worth looking beyond the terrible traffic and rows of shanty houses to discover this unique Asian city. The Philippines were under Spanish colonial rule for […]

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Seoul street at night

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and a mix of futuristic modern skyscrapers and traditional Korean homes and temples. It’s also one of the few major cities in the world that is surrounded by mountains, making it easy to […]

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Osaka, Japan

Thought as Japan’s second city, Osaka was once a port town supplying Kyoto. Now home to over 19 million people, it’s become a destination in its own right. Osaka also has a reputation for good times; with both the food […]

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Fruit stall in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam

Formally known as the “Dragon Edge” and now as the “Paris of the East” Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and a great base for exploring this region of South East Asia. Vietnam has only recently opened up to visitors […]

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Fireworks in Macau

Macau, China

Perched on the Pearl River opposite Hong Kong, Macau is a former Portugese colony that is now part of China. Known as the “Las Vegas of China” Macau is famous for its high end casinos and luxury hotels but there’s […]

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