Delhi, the capital of India, sometimes feels more like several cities than one. There are ancient markets where time has barely moved for hundreds of years, imposing colonial-era buildings and boulevards, and corporate headquarters in slick skyscrapers. There’s so much to explore you could spend years in Delhi and still barely scratch the surface.

The Red Fort is one of the most iconic landmarks in Delhi, and has stood on this site for almost 400 years. The last Mughal Emperor was forced out by the British in 1857 and some of the gardens destroyed to make way for army barracks. The fort itself is a marvel of Mughal architecture with multiple domed turrets, ornate ramparts and shaded walkways constructed from red sandstone. Stay until the evening to see a sound and light show narrated by Amitabh Bachchan, a major Bollywood actor.

To see a less touristy side of Delhi, wander through the many markets. Chandni Chowk in the old part of Delhi is perhaps the most famous, with vendors cramming the pavements and side roads. This is also a great place to try some delicious street food; follow the locals to see which stalls are the best. For souvenir shopping, try Dilli Haat. This is a craft fair selling handicrafts from all over the country, which makes it perfect for picking up a unique item to take home. There’s also a good selection of food stalls here too.

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