Amman, the capital of Jordan is one of the safest and easiest cities to visit in the Middle East. The city itself has incredible ancient ruins, great museums, upmarket shopping streets and traditional neighbourhoods. It’s also a great base to explore some of Jordan’s other attractions, such as the Dead Sea or Petra.

The Citadel is the name given to a group of ruins that sit on a hill overlooking Amman. There is evidence that this hill was inhabited since the Bronze Age, with the huge wall over a mile long that protects the settlement dating from this time. Around 2000 years ago Amman was part of the Roman Empire, with several columns being the only survivors of a once impressive temple that stood on the hill. The most impressive ruins are the Byzantine remains of the Umayyad Palace. Highlights include a domed reception hall, a complex water system and several courtyards and colonnades.

Amman has several great museums and galleries. Check out contemporary art with a focus on Jordanian and Arabic artists at the Darat Al Funun. The gallery also has a beautifully peaceful hillside garden with great views across the city. You can learn more about the history of Jordan and the Middle East at the Jordan Museum. The exhibits cover the ancient Nabataeans, who built Petra, right up to modern times. Highlights include the Dead Sea Scrolls, several 9,500-year-old statues thought to be the oldest representations of people, and a life-sized Bedouin tent in the museum grounds.

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