Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. With both the Old Town and New Town listed as World Heritage Sites for their architecture and street planning, almost every turn holds a carefully […]

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Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand

Once a small fishing village, Pattaya in Thailand become a huge tourist destination after American troops stationed nearby during the Vietnam War spread the word about its large beach and tropical climate. As a result the town is bustling with […]

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Roman Temple in Amman

Amman, Jordan

Amman, the capital of Jordan is one of the safest and easiest cities to visit in the Middle East. The city itself has incredible ancient ruins, great museums, upmarket shopping streets and traditional neighbourhoods. It’s also a great base to […]

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Reed boats on Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

High in the Andean mountains is Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America. Stretching over 118 miles across and 50 miles wide, most of the lake is in Bolivia, but the western end crosses over the border into Peru. […]

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Lapland, Finland

If the summer holidays simply start the countdown for Christmas for you, then it’s time to book a trip to Lapland to meet Santa. Lapland is situated in the far north of Finland, with thick snow cover for several months […]

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Cabo Verde landscape

Santo Antão, Cabo Verde

West of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean hides one of Africa’s best kept secrets; the ten volcanic islands that make up the tiny nation of Cabo Verde. First inhabited by Portuguese traders in the 15th century, the islands gained independence […]

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Cathedral Basilica of Lima

Lima, Peru

With direct flights available from London and Madrid, Lima is now easily accessible from Europe. The capital of Peru has been inhabited for almost 2000 years with significant growth after the Spanish conquests made the city the capital of the […]

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Tower Bridge, London.

London, UK

One of the most visited cities in the world, London should be on every traveller’s list to visit at least once. With so much to do and see, Samuel Johnson’s quote that “a man who is tired of London is […]

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Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur, India

Jaipur is the capital of Rajastan, India. Founded in 1727, it’s nicknamed the Pink City due to the distinctive pink colour used in the buildings in the old town. The city surrounds an impressive royal palace, which is still the […]

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Nice, France

Nice, France

With a pleasant year round climate Nice on the French Riviera is always a popular destination. Visit in the spring to experience the Nice carnival. It’s one of the biggest carnival events in the world, so you can expect spectacular […]

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