Located on New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is the biggest city in the country and is also located on a volcano that is technically still active. The area was first settled around 700 years ago by Maori, who appreciated the fertile land and easy access to the sea. English settlers arrived in 1840 and Auckland was designated New Zealand’s first capital.

To find out more about the Maori who settled the land originally, the Auckland Museum has several impressive galleries dedicated to Maori cultural artifacts and history. Alternatively, head to the monument to the Maori built atop One Tree Hill. The volcanic cone was one of the largest Maori villages in the region. The information centre in Cornwall Park contains great reconstructions of what the area would have been like before colonisation.

New Zealand is well known for its incredible scenery, and Auckland is no exception. If the view from One Tree Hill wasn’t good enough, head up the Skytower, the tallest freestanding tower in the southern hemisphere. As well as a revolving restaurant and an observation deck with views stretching 50 miles, more adventurous visitors can book to climb the mast or jump down 192 meters from the fifty third floor. Despite reaching up to 85 miles per hour, jumpers are guaranteed a safe landing due to special guide cable

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