One of the most hiked trails in Sweden, the Kungsleden (or “King’s Way”) is 400km through the National Parks of Lapland. Prepare to travel through the Arctic landscape, past beautiful rivers, high peaks and the occasional herd of reindeer. Those really wishing to get away from it all can even choose to ski the trail during the winter season. The trail runs through the valleys, meaning it is generally flat so even novice hikers will find it enjoyable.

The best element of this trail is the frequent rest huts. This means that most days you only have to travel a short distance (usually 10 miles or less) to get to the next hut, which gives you plenty of time for exploring the areas around the trail. It also means you do not need to bring heavy camping gear or lots of food, as the huts have some supplies to buy.  Wild camping is also possible if you want to really commune with the wilderness.

In the summer season, the almost 24 hour daylight makes for the unusual experience of being able to walk until late at night without having to worry about getting lost in the dark. While much chillier, attempting the King’s Way in the spring on autumn gives long enough nights to make it possible to see the Northern Lights. The trail finishes at Kebnekaise, Sweden’s tallest mountain. At 2105m, it’s easily climbable and makes a stunning finale to the route. 

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