Oman is unlike its Middle Eastern neighbours in many ways; there’s not the fabulous wealth of the Emirates, nor the political extremes of Saudi Arabia. Instead you’ll find spectacular desert scenery, pristine beaches and traditional Bedouin hospitality with a strong culture and history.

The capital Muscat is a great place to start exploring Oman. Near the harbour you can find the Sultan’s Palace, with huge gold and blue pillars. The palace is closed to visitors but you can peak through the railings at the splendour within. Head around the corner to the new National Museum to see a well-composed collection of artifacts that guide you through the history of Oman. To see modern Omani culture, check out the Grand Mosque. Fusing modern architectural design with Islamic traditions, the inside of the mosque is equally impressive – the main hall has a carpet that 70 meters by 60 meters, and took 600 weavers four years to create.

Outside of Muscat, Oman’s biggest attraction is Wadi Ghul. Wadi Ghul is nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Arabia, with steep cliffs rising 1000 meters from the valley floor to the plateau above. Take a picnic and your hiking boots to explore the trails that run around the canyon. Oman’s highest peak, Jebel Shams, is also nearby. The climb to the top rewards visitors with a stunning view across Wadi Ghul.

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