Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Facing out to the southern Atlantic, Namibia’s Skeleton Coast park was once an area to be avoided. The treacherous seas around here often led to shipwrecks and the brutally stark desert ashore meant survivors often had no chance of rescue. […]

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Coloured Canyon

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The purpose built resorts of Sharm El Sheikh offer visitors access to some of the best beaches and water for diving. However there’s also plenty to do onland as well. For those wishing to explore the Red Sea, there are […]

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Dakar, Senegal

One of the hippest cities in Africa, Dakar in Senegal is a magical place. Stroll down dusty sun-baked streets with immaculately dressed locals, dance through the night to fantastic music before spending the day recovering on the beaches. Dakar’s most […]

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Standing at 5896m, with its snowcapped peak the highest point in Africa, the climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a once in a lifetime journey. A dormant volcano, Kilimanjaro is also notable for being the largest freestanding mountain in […]

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Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg

Johannesburg, South Africa

As the home town of both Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, Johannesburg is a completely different type of South African adventure than you might expect. For visitors wishing to understand more about apartheid, there are three key places to visit. […]

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Sousse, Tunisia

With warm winters and cooling sea breezes taking the edge of the summer heat, Sousse in Tunisia is a year round favourite. With plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, it’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for a more […]

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El Ghriba synagogue, Djerba

Djerba, Tunisia

Just off the coast of Tunisia, Djerba was home to the legendary lotus eaters. The lotus supposedly made a person drowsy and the beauty of the island was so seductive that visitors found it hard to leave. Although you won’t […]

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Cabo Verde landscape

Santo Antão, Cabo Verde

West of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean hides one of Africa’s best kept secrets; the ten volcanic islands that make up the tiny nation of Cabo Verde. First inhabited by Portuguese traders in the 15th century, the islands gained independence […]

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Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

Our penultimate stop for Wilderness Week are the forests of central Africa. Straddling an area split between Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo these dense and sparsely populated jungles are home to some of the most incredible creatures […]

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