Today we’re visiting one of the most remote places on Earth: Easter Island. Known as Rapa Nui by locals, it’s 1289 miles across the Pacific to somewhere else that is inhabited and over 2000 miles to the South American mainland. Despite its remoteness, Rapa Nui is instantly recognisable for the iconic and mysterious Moai statues.

The huge moai were carved from volcanic rock on the slopes of Rano Raraku volcano, in the middle of the island. Made around between 1100 and 1680AD, the enormous statues took a team of people over a year each to carve using stone chisels. It is not known exactly why the statues were carved and the best theory is that they represent deceased ancestors. The statues are dotted all over the island, with some standing in rows on specially constructed platforms known as an ahu. Others were left in the quarry or abandoned along the route of paths around the island. It is not known how the islanders moved the statues, with some estimates suggesting it would take around 150 people to drag them with ropes.

The moai aren’t the only mystery on Easter Island. South of Hanga Roa, the main town on the island, is Orongo Ceremonial Village. Built into the side of a volcano, these strange cave-like houses are surrounded by stone carvings of birds and Polynesian gods made in the 16th and 17th centuries. These were part of a “Birdman” cult that involved swimming to a nearby island, collecting a bird’s egg and then climbing back up the cliffs while carrying the egg. The winners of the race were afforded sacred status.

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