115 islands off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean form the Seychelles. The islands are stunningly beautiful, so much so that early explorers thought they had managed to find the Garden of Eden. The islands were colonised by both France and Britain, giving them a curious mish mash of European, Indian and East African culture.

As well as fabulous beaches and luxury resorts, the Seychelles has beautiful scenery both on the land and the sea. Hike through Morne Seychellois National Park just outside of the capital Victoria to get amazing views over the island on the Morne Blanc trail. If you are lucky you might also catch a glimpse of some rare wildlife, such as flying foxes and black parrots.

The Seychelles was an important stop on the spice trading routes, and you can relive some of this heritage at the Jardin du Roi on Mahe island. This plantation grows many of the spices the islands became famous for. Spend a morning walking through groves of vanilla plants, nutmegs and cloves before sampling the homegrown spices in the dishes and snacks on offer in the garden restaurant. The islands are also home of the infamous Coco De Mer. The largest seed pod on the planet, they resemble a rather curvaceous female bottom. No wonder sailors often collected them as an aphrodisiac!

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