The Lord of The Rings series of books has found a new generation of fans after the release of the films, much of which was filmed in New Zealand. For families that love Tolkien’s work, North Island has several iconic locations to visit.

The most recognisable location is Hobbiton, a set built on a dairy farm near Matamata. It was originally planned to demolish the Hobbit holes after filming, but they are now preserved as a tourist attraction. Book on to a tour to see the houses up close, complete with thatched roofs, a water mill and bridges over the lake.

A great activity for fans of the films as well as outdoor enthusiasts is the Tongariro Crossing. The eerie volcanic landscape was used as Mordor in the films, with Mt Ngauruhoe becoming Mt Doom with some CGI help. However even those that haven’t seen the Lord of The Rings will enjoy the hike through this spectacular and unique landscape.

Finally, movie fans should stop off at Weta Workshop in Wellington, the special effects company that built many of the props, sets and models for the Lord of The Rings and Hobbit films as well as several other family favourites such as Thunderbirds. Book a tour of the studio or stop by the shop to pick up a unique movie souvenir.

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