If you’re looking to get off the beaten track, Mongolia is one of the remotest and least visited countries on Earth.

The capital, Ulaanbaatar, is a bustling modern city. Expect the unexpected, as you are just as likely to bump into a suited commuter as a nomad in full traditional dress. Get to grips with Mongolia’s history and culture in the National Museum. There are fascinating stone carvings and glyphs from prehistoric times, as well as traditional ceremonial outfits containing almost a stone of silver ornamentation.

Outside of the capital, Mongolia’s main attraction is the stunning wilderness. Vast amounts of Mongolia is protected or part of a National Park, so there is plenty to explore. Hiking and horse-riding are very popular activities, and the Mongolian people are famously hospitable. Many nomads will happily invite strangers into their camps for a meal or tea; don’t forget to pay them back with some small token gifts. Useful items like sewing kits, pocket knives, notebooks and pens are always appreciated. Frisbees, playing cards, bats and balls are also great gifts for families.

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